August 2, 2011

Birthdays Abound

My outfit details:
Top: Studio M ($8)
Skirt: Zara ($40)
Clutch: Banana Republic (sister's hand-me-down)
Shoes: Jeune & Jolie: par andre (gift from sister/Paris)

Recently it was my good friend Jessica's 21st birthday! Happy birthday Jessie! (Wowzers, lots of birthdays lately on here - and more to come!) Well, we celebrated at Chili's and had a great time drinking margaritas and beer. The birthday girl is the one in the center, to the left is our good friend Heather. Oh my, I rhymed!

Stubbornly, I wore day-time colors out at night. You see, originally the gathering was to be during the daytime and so I planned my outfit accordingly. Plans changed but my mind couldn't and I stuck with it.
By the way, I got that top from Macy's for a mere $8, regular price $58. Yes, you heard right. Department stores are great places to find super deals and unique clothes. And yes, the shoes are from Paris, a gift from my sweet sister after a short trip she took there a couple months ago.

 Here are some things to look forward to from the blog:
-Fridays: "I'm Just Sayin'..." (fashion and beauty tips)
-Each 15th: "Review It" (reviews on products I've used)
-"Read All About It!" (my thoughts on the last book I've read) 
Recientemente fue el 21 cumpleaño de mi amiga Jessica (al centro). Celebramos con Heather y su novio en Chili's donde disfrutamos de cervezas y margaritas.

Siendo cabezona, fui vestida en ropa mas appropiada para la luz del sol. Originalmente el plan era para reunirnos por el día. Cambiaron los planes pero no mi mente. Ademas, ya había escojido lo que me iba poner, a ese punto no podía pensar en nada mas. 
Bueno, la blusa la compre en Macy's por solo $8, estando a $58 en precio regular. Si, oíste bien. Las tiendas de departamento son buenisimas para encontrar buenos precios y ropa differente a otras tiendas. Los tacones me los regalo mi hermana hermosa cuando fue a Paris por unos cortos días este verano.

Cosas que pueden esperar de este blog:
-Los viernes: consejos de la moda
-Cada dia 15: crítica de productos que yo he usado
-Mis pensiamentos sobre el ultimo libro que he leído


Raque alquizar said...

I love the skirt you can wear with many colors tops.

Notes She Wrote said...

aw this outfit is so cute on you!! I especially love that skirt and shoes! :)

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