August 5, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Shopping for Heels

What you are about to see...
is top secret...

I would never so casually show the whole world (ok, the few that visit this blog) such a large portion of my heel collection. Shoes, heels in particular, are my thing. So when my friend Huong came over the other night asking for advice on heels I gave her what I hope were helpful hints that I'll now share here for the blog's first "I'm Just Sayin'...."
So Huong (whom I've known since kindergarten, I'm just sayin'...) says she only owns two pairs of super dressy heels. She wants more for everyday use and different occasions, but let's face it - those beauties are pricey. The first thing to keep in mind is price. I never buy a pair of heels for more than $40 and only if I'm in super love with them. Except for my Bobbi Blu's. But my Bobbie Blu's are special. If you're rich just buy whatever looks pretty and ignore anything else written henceforth. Anywho, here's whatcha do:
  • When buying heels (or anything) always go to the sales rack first. Repeat. Sales.
    • They're neither "out of season" <--no such thing! Nor are they damaged or used. They're on sale to make way for the new ones.
    • Set yourself a budget and stick to it!! My budget is usually $30 but I try to stay under.
    •  Department stores are your friends. They have HUGE sales at different times of the year.
    • **Major** Forget Black Friday. That's child's play. The morning after Christmas has amazing deals. How about a pair of Coach flats (regular $200) for $25. That's my amazing mother for you. Gracias Mami!
  • When buying boots (with a heel or any at all) get them AFTER the cold is weaning or gone. That's right girl! You'll have to wait another dang year, but it'll be worth it when it's down from $200, $100 to $60, $40, $--
  • You need some essential colors, in order of importance: black, brown, white, (silver)
    • Silver is more for going out. White is more formal, daytime thing. Brown is more casual. Black is always appropriate.... Don't quote me on that.
    • This being said. Look at your shoes. Slap yourself if all you see is black. Omigosh. This world needs color!!
  • Comfort is just as important as price, if not more so. 
    • Admit to your shoe size and buy the right size! Except for my Bobbi Blu's....I'm just sayin'.
    • For comfort and stability, the heel should be thick and about 2-3". 
      • It is not necessarily true that the shorter the heel the more comfortable it is. Sometimes a super short heel (0.5") is awkward to walk in.
    • Check the "old lady shoes" aka brands like Clarks, Sofft, Easyspirit, etc. I have a pair of each of these (pictured here) and they're super cute. These will be your "everyday" shoes and lifesavers.
    • **Important** If you must wear super high (4"+) heels, get them with a platform in the front. It balances you and saves your feet (Obvious Example).Thanks to my beautiful sister for this tip!
Certain types of heels are also essential to have at least one good pair of around. Here are some examples of each I recommend: 

Clockwise: Clarks, Bobbi Blu, Sam Edelman, France Arno (Paris), Nine West (x2), Aerosoles, Antonio Melani, Jeune & Jolie: Par Andre (Paris), Nine West
  • Work and everyday walking heels should be comfortable even at the end of a long day.
  • Transitional heels are those that are formal or elegant with a dress but casual with jeans. Experiment doing this with shoes you may have doubts on.
  • Flip-flop heels are necessary in Florida. Those pictured are also transitional, only downside is they're made of wood on the bottom so they're super heavy after walking in them a while.
  • Wedges tend to be extremely comfortable and you won't sink in the sand. Another Florida thing...But the only option at a beach wedding! I'm just sayin'....
  • Color is important in heels too. Here's a guideline if you're not sure what colors would be okay:
    • Good: teal, red, burgundy, lighter yellows, prints
    • Bad: highlighter colors
I mean, I'm just sayin'...

Para el primer "Solo digo..." de este blog, hablaremos sobre como comprar tacones. Mi amiga vino preguntando como comprar una variedad teniendo poco dinero para gastar.

  • Lo mas importante es el precio de los tacones. Ve a las tiendas con un limite en mente. Casi siempre mi limite es $30 pero trato de buscar algo por menos primero.
    • Es posible, pero tienes que ir a las tiendas de departamento donde tienen muchas ventas buenas.
    • Siempre mira las ventas primero. ¡Esos tacones no estan fuera de  moda y son nuevos!
  • Cuando vayas a comprar botas (sin o con tacones) trata de comrarlas cuando se este acabando el frio o al pocito de acabarse. Estaran descontadas mucho mas.
  • Algunos colores de tacones siempre son imporatantes de tener. En orden de importancia: negro, carmelita, blanco, (platiado). 
    • El platiado es mas para salir a un baile, el blanco es mas formal o para el dia, el carmelita es mas casual, y el negro es appropiado para todo
    • ¡Con todo esto dicho, por favor, tengan color! Hace falta color el este mundo!
  • La comodidad es tan importante como el precio.
    • Compre acuerdo su talla. 
    • Para comodidad y estabilidad, trate de comprar un tacon entre 2 y 3 pulgadas. 
      • No es verdad que los mas corto el tacon lo mas facil que es caminar en el. A veces un tacon de solo 0.5 pulgadas lo hace muy dificil caminar despues de un rato.
    • Compren de las marcas de zapatos de mujeres mayores. Son comodos y puede ser que veas un estilo bonito. Yo tengo un par de zapatos de cada una de estas marcas: Clarks, Sofft, y Easy Spirit.
    • **Importante** Si tienes que usar un par de tacones altisimos (4"+), traten de usarlos con plataformas. Miren aqui para ver lo que les digo. Te mantiene la estabilidad y salban sus pies. 
Los tipos de tacones tambien son importantes de tener una variedad:
  • Trabajo y todos los dias: Estos tacones son comodos mas que nada. Puedes caminar en ellos todo el dia y no te duelen los pies.
  • Transicional: Pueden ser casual o formal y elegante dependiendo como te vistas (con pantalones o vestido, etc.)
  • Sandalia: Este tipo es tacon pero bueno para lugares calurosos como la florida. Solo digo....
  • Cuñas: Estos tacones tienden ser comodos y buenos para caminar en la arena y otros superficies asi.
  • Color: Color es importante en los tacones tambien. Aqui hay una guia si no estan seguros de que colors serian buenos:
    • Buenos: teal, rojo, borgoña, amarillos claros, estampados
    • Malos: colores marcador
Bueno, solo digo....

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