August 24, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Trouble Picking Glasses

Some people are photogenic, some people look great in glasses, some people look just plain old great no matter what. I am like neither of the above. Though I usually wear contacts because I can't really rock the nerdy look, I do sometimes turn to my glasses even when I head out the door. 

Buying a pair of glasses isn't easy, especially if they're your only everyday option. Stuck with a pair that were too long for my face, I only wore my first pair of glasses when I absolutely needed to see something on the board in school. Probably would have saved me from almost walking into a fence on the first day of freshman high school wore though...
My face is oval shaped which is great for hair styling, but not so great (in my case at least) for glasses. When buying (sun)glasses think about your face shape first then your skin tone and hair color.

Here my friend Manasa is rocking a pair of men's glasses. You wouldn't think so just by looking, right? At least I was surprised. She has more of square-shaped face so she's able to pull off something big. She also has big eyes so something small and narrow wouldn't work out for her.

It's also great to look through the men's section for deals on prices. With glasses though, you want to invest a little extra than what you'd hoped if it's the case that you like them more than a cheaper pair.

My Glasses: Anne Klein ($120+)

These are my newest (2nd pair) glasses. Also thick, plastic rimmed as they are pretty popular now. The frame on these are cool because they're actually a dark brown and the inside subtly shines blue in the light.
These Anne Klein's are narrow length and width-wise. This is good for my narrow, oval-shaped face and my relatively small eyes. The only downside is that they looked great on me when my hair was short, but now that my hair is long, it's a bit overwhelming for me to wear dark glasses with dark hair, skin, and eyes. Sometimes they look better on with my hair up.
I'm not very savvy when it comes to choosing glasses, but these are simple tips to help get you started.

By the way, the photos of me were taken two years ago after I donated 13" of my hair to Locks of Love. Please check them out and do the same if you can. They even accept dyed hair as long as they're natural colors!

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