August 1, 2011

An Introduction

Hello all and welcome to this new, modest blog. Here I will attempt to try out simple yet fun outfits to give readers ideas for their own outfits. Aside from that there will be reviews of books and products I've used.

About me:
Just so that we're all acquainted, I'll tell you about myself (that's me above, by the way). My name is Rachel and I am attending a university in Florida. I've lived in Florida most of my life, but the first five years of my existence were spent in Cuba. 

The blog:
Because my language and culture are a big part of my life, I will try to translate each post on here in Spanish in order to reach out to interested followers. My spelling in Spanish isn't very strong so apologies to those who prefer it and please bear with me but feel free to correct me.

"Amapola" means poppy in Spanish. Poppies are my favorite wildflowers for their strong, vibrant red (favorite color). I hope to express the poppy's delicate yet strong features in my style through this blog. 

Aside from it being the birthday of this blog, today is also my Chihuahua's 14th birthday!! Yes, this was planned. Yes, she's old. She's been a playmate since I was seven and a great listener as I've grown up! Happy birthday to my little baby girl, Tripita! You can call her Tripi for short. Heck, she responds to "Baby," just call her Baby.

One year ago
Friends who have been around me at all this year have heard me say, "I am 'Forever 21.'" Silly and stubborn? Perhaps. Age really is about how you perceive it to be; and while that may be a thing easily said by someone as young as I am, remember that it's your heart that makes you feel sad and down, but it is the mind that decides to allow it to be so.

With love,

Hola y bienvenidos a este nuevo y modesto "blog." Aqui attemptare a enseñarles trajes simples y divertidos para darles ideas. Tambien habran críticas sobre libros y productos que yo he usado.

Sobre Mí:
Mi nombre es Rachel (pronunciado como Raquel pero con "ch" en vez de "qu") y soy una estudiante en una universidad en la Florida. He vivido aqui la mayoría de mi vida, pero nací en Cuba, immigrando a los Estudos Unidos a los cinco años con mi familia.

El Blog:
Como mi cultura e idioma son importante para mi, tratare de traducir cada articulo en español para los que lo prefieren. Por favor disculpen mi autografia en español, mi ingles es much mas fuerte. Corríjanme sin pena.

La amapola es mi preferida flor silvestre por su rojo fuerte (mi preferido color). Tratare de incorporar su delicadezay fuerza en mi estilo para este blog.

Aparte de ser el cumpleaño de este blog, tambien es el cumpleaño de mi chihuahua!! Ella cumple 14 años hoy!! Si, esto fue planificado. Si, ella es muy vieja. Mi perita se llama Tripita pero le pueden decir Tripi. Es un nombre comico pero se lo puso mi hermana - no yo! Por lo menos todos se rien quando escuchan su nombre. Es una perrita que me ha dado mucha risa desde que yo tenia siete años hasta ahora. Feliz cumpleaños Tripi!

Amigos que han estado alredor de mi este año me han oido decir que soy "para siempre 21." Un poco bobito? Quizás. Pero la edad verdaderamente es como uno lo percive ser. Es el corazón que te hace sentir triste, pero es la mente que decide dejarlo ser asi. 

Con cariño,


Raque Alquizar said...

It's true you can be young for ever it is only in ours minds

Sarah said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I'm not sure how I ended up here, but I'll warmly welcome you all the same. (:

Notes She Wrote said...

I welcome your blog!! Happy birthday to your dog!! such a cutie! and I'm excited to see what outfit ideas you have to share with us! :)

Notes She Wrote

Rachel said...

Thank you all!

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