August 30, 2011

Just Another Fish Swimming

Outfit details
Top: Abercrombie ($10)
Shorts: Express ($20)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft ($10/$30)
Jewelry: Tarpon Springs, FL
Headband: Self Knit

I actually can't swim very well, but I can look cute in a bathing suit! Especially with this "sarong" from Diva Swimwear. It's basically a coverup that can be worn multiple ways at the beach. When I used it this Summer everyone loved it. Being 100% silk it's super soft and easy to wash. I used it as a scarf one day for school; it really heated me up under the sun, but I used it for class where the A/C is cranking at full blast all the time. Scarves are great alternatives to sweaters for the classroom, theatre, etc.

Years ago when I worked at Abercrombie (the kid store for A&F), I saw this cute little top on clearance for $10 and bought it before my manager had the chance to buy it herself. This was a triumph. Anyways, point is, if you can squeeze into kids' clothing, go for it. Abercrombie kids has the same clothes as the "adult" store but at half the prices. Of course some things may still look awkward even if they fit, but it's worth a try! I just wouldn't advise it with pants.

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