August 9, 2011

The Pretty One in the Front

 Outfit details
Top: American Eagle ($25/$30)
Shorts: BCBG ($24/$80)
Shoes: Wet Seal ($6)
Earrings: American Eagle
Necklace & Ring: Icing (5 for $10/$15 & $7)

Run to Icing. Their clearance section is 5 for $10 whatever is originally priced under $15. Everything else on clearance is $5 each. I went with the 5 for 10 deal and got a few other knit-knats, including two necklace hangers.

Normally I don't wear these flats unless I know I'll be doing some minimal walking. They're very comfortable, but they don't really have a heel to them. Every shoe, flat or not, needs to have some sort of an elevation from the ground to save your back. It's extremely risky business for the spine if you walk in something so flat otherwise. 

The American Eagle top is new but I get their texts which sometimes includes exclusive discount codes you can use at the register. Text "JOIN" to 32453 for the texts and thanks to American Eagle's Twitter for the tip!
The BCBG shorts I got years ago at Dillards. The outlet and department stores always have great BCBG sales. I love these shorts, I was complimented on them just today (different outfit - to be posted?)!

From now on I'll be posting the price I paid as opposed to the regular price on these items (paid/regular). You may have noticed (or not have cared) that I've not been posting in Spanish. I'm working on separating the two languages in order to keep things organized. Don't despair! Till next time!

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