August 13, 2011

Read All About It! The Invisible Man

My Rating: 4/5

Holding its mysteries from start to finish, this book was extremely enjoyable and I would recommend it to any reader. The language is old-fashioned and some of the words are formally British, so that would be the only set-back for someone just looking for a good book to enjoy.

Categorizing it as an old-fashioned thriller, I wanted to sympathize with the protagonist even through his outbursts. As his background and intentions are revealed, the reader has to ask oneself what would be done if he or she were invisible. Would invisibility be as advantageous as the protagonist of the story describes? Or would the difficulties he faces surpass these advantages? The protagonists' reasoning for wanting to reach his ultimate goal is not clear, something that I found to be both lacking and strong suits of the novel. On one hand, it seems an excuse for finishing off the story, on the other hand (and more strongly so) it is a wonderful way to get the reader to question the character's intentions. Great discussions can be held with this question alone.

One point I would have to research to understand is why Wells chose to make an albino man specifically invisible. The novel explains this somewhat, saying the white pigmentation in the skin and hair makes invisibility easier, but I got the feeling that Wells was arriving at a deeper level with this, perhaps about discrimination against albinos. Whether Wells himself was discriminating the population or simply intending for his readers to think over the issue, I cannot say for certain simply from this reading.
Themes: use of science, experimentation on animals and humans, albino, discrimination, reign of terror, invisibility 

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