August 31, 2011

Review It! Revlon Scented Nail Polish

"Hey, hey, smell my finger!" Though you may not want to go around inexplicably saying this to just anyone, you will probably love to show off your scented nails if you use Revlon's scented enamel nail polish. Here's the gist: when it dries, the nail polish smells like its described name (mostly fruits). I used "Mad About Mango."
Cost: $5
 My Rating: 2.5/5

Though I was mad about "Mad About Mango's" perfect Summer color, I was absolutely rabid about how difficult to manage the paint actually is. It comes out a little gooey, doesn't go on evenly, dries on the brush too quickly, and it's almost impossible to work on a much needed second coat. When you go to apply the second coat, you have to make sure to use a thick wad of paint because otherwise you will smear the bottom and top coat together into a mess. This is even if you wait for the first coat to dry. Even after both coats are dry to the touch, you can still smudge the thick coat of paint with your finger or by accidentally hitting something. This is what happened on my big toe after putting on my sandals (I waited over 10 minutes for the paint to dry):

Let's not forget the upside: the color and smell. I adore this almost neon orange color, it has gone splendidly with a lot of my Summer outfits and I have used it more than any other color this Summer. Revlon is true to their word when they say this line is scented. At least with most of the colors. 
I tried out a bunch in the store just to smell them and see how well they went on (pretty much the same problems with application in every color). Grape was by far the strongest and most well done in smell. Later at home I almost ate my finger while absentmindedly resting my head on my hand. A few of the colors didn't really have much of a smell to them or they weren't very distinct. Even if it does have a good smell, it only lasts until after a few washes. And we want to wash our hands, people.

In short, buy it for the smell if you're really crazed by the idea of smelly fingernails.
I hope this review was helpful!


Marissa said...

I really want to try this now! The color is fab! Not to mention that $5 is a steal for nail polish these days. :)

Rachel said...

I know, it's a gorgeous color!

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