August 24, 2011

Surreal Surroundings

Outfit details
Dress: Forever 21 ($30)
Crossbody: Fossil ($20/$50)
Shoes: Sofft
Sunglasses: Daisy Fuentes ($14)
Necklace: USF Bull Market ($20)
Earrings: Fossil

This Summer I visited the new Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete, FL because it's free for USF students!! And because I love art galleries and such. Clifford and I ran around the museum playing with all the fun things to do inside and outside. We walked through a "labyrinth," made wishes on a wishing tree, found each other in the glass structure of the museum, contemplated art in the "Contemplation Room," tried to find the hidden images in the art. So much more! The Fountain of Youth was right at our feet too! We may or may not have had a sip....

In the picture with all the paintings surrounding me, I am attempting to pose like Gala, Dali's favorite muse and wife. The painting I'm trying to imitate is one of my favorites of his simply because it's so fun and ingenious.

Taking advantage that it was still Summer though it was nearing the end, I wore a nice floral dress that I got years back from Forever 21. The only downside to the dress is that the back is very low cut, to where my bra shows a slight bit. I tried to safety pin it but it seemingly did not work. Well, whatever, it's Florida. Knowing there would be a lot of walking and running around, I wore my most comfortable pair of heels. They're from Sofft and are amazing. By the way, if I don't post the price for something, it's because I don't remember.Oh, and you finally get to see the sunglasses on my face!

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