August 18, 2011

When Tears Turn to Smiles

Outfit Details
Dress: Bebe ($118/$125)
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace: Fossil
Rings: (Index) Banana Republic, (pinky) grandfather
Nail Polish: Revlon: Mad About Mango
Sunglasses: Daisy Fuentes

One of the greatest highlights of my summer was my good friend Marissa's wedding! Congratulations again! Many thanks to her husband Travis who served our country, he is now safe in the arms of his bride. The wedding was beautiful and heartwarming. My friend Andrea (pictured) invited me as her guest since I would sometimes hang out with her and Marissa back in high school. Can't believe my friends are starting to get married off already! *le sigh*

Anyways, as always craziness ensued in my eagerness to get there. I had this adorable outfit all planned out super in advance for the wedding. As I was packing things in the car, I forgot the most important thing - the wedding outfit! I had the top and skirt hanging in my room and was planning on hanging them in the car to avoid wrinkles. But in my excitement I left as soon as I packed the suitcase in the trunk (I had my shoes in the suitcase though - thank goodness!). Of course I didn't even notice this small detail until after I was already 10 minutes away from Gainesville (2 hour drive by the way)! I panicked in the car so badly I almost made a U-turn on the highway. Thank goodness I'm able to control my crazy impulses. 
Oh and shout-out to Pegasus, my car - lookit how cute he looks!

The wedding was the next day. Crying to my parents, I begged them to overnight ship my outfit. Of course, I've never been spoiled in life. They told me to suck it up and head to the mall (the only mall in town). Despairing after looking from store to store and trying on dress after dress, I went into Bebe. Let me tell you: I walk in, an associate greets me and asks if I need help, I almost walk past but turn and tell her my situation. Homegirl hooked me up! She basically did all the shopping for me and found this adorable number which she gave me a small discount for. This will probably be the most expensive thing you will see me post. Emergencies are emergencies. She was great. If you're reading this, thank you Hope! Her name is ironic, huh?

Anyways, the dress ended up being even better than option number one as posted here. Lesson of the Summer? Let out all your pains and cry, but know there is always hope if you just try. Isn't fashion poetic?

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