September 21, 2011

Brighter Than Sunshine

Outfit details
Blouse: Apostrophe/Sears ($7/$36)
Jeans: American Eagle
Belt: Papaya ($8)
Necklace & Bangle: Gifts 
Sandals: Bakers ($20)

If you follow me on Twitter (go to Links page) you already know this, but there's a funny story about what happened when I wore this outfit the other day. I was just walking through campus when a girl going the other direction looks at me and makes a face while she pretty much yells, "Nice outfit!" It took me a while to realize she was talking to and complimenting me before I could muster a "thank you," sorry about that!

And how about the price on this blouse?! Yeah, yeah?! Sears had a one-day sale I stumbled upon this weekend where everything on clearance was an extra 30% off so I got a few tops. Taking advantage that it is still technically summer until the 23, I wore this super happy, sun-shiny yellow. The sun follows me everywhere I go.


Marissa said...

Adorable outfit! I especially love your top. I have a similar pair of sandals and I love them because I can wear them with almost anything. :) Also, I think its great that you promote sale shopping. I find that with a lot of fashion blogs the writers only use high priced clothing and accessories and they never mention that you can get good deals at sales. I like that you feature clothes that I can actually afford! :)

Rachel said...

Thank you so much sweetie! These are like my school sandals, they go with anything like you said and are comfy.
Yeah, I'm big on sale shopping, otherwise I'd never be able to buy even a fraction of what I do!

Sarah said...

I love the stunning color of that top. And kudos to you for finding a good sale. I'm trying to remember the last time I was in a "real" store... haha. I need to do that sometime. Anyway, enjoy your last moments of summer!

Rachel said...

Thanks a lot! And I need to do less "real" and more "thrift" store shopping!

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