September 19, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

So Fashion's Night Out happened in little ol' Tampa too! How exciting! Of course, I initially had no idea this even existed and only chanced upon the event after hearing the Florida Orchestra would be playing in International Plaza. Thinking it would be all about the music, I headed over with no particular decorum. 

To my surprise it was fashion - not so much music - that was the highlight of the night. There were so many giveaways, goodies, free food and cocktails that I had a bit of an excitement rush. My friend Huong and her boyfriend Michael were there for the fun and we ran around everywhere trying to snag deals. Huong even got her bangs done for free at Toni & Guy!

She'll kill me for posting this picture but I think it looks great!

 My outfit details
Dress: American Eagle ($20)
Belt: Lucky Brand/thrifted ($8/$65)
Shoes: Bobbi Blu ($40/$92)

Jealous of my Lucky Brand snag? I was very lucky to find it in Plato's Closet, a large chain thrift store. The belt was in perfect conditions with price tag still attached and lovely details intact. Only problem is that it's a medium so it only fits at my hips. Oh well, so long as I can wear it somehow. Either way I was buying it at that great a deal! Would have made a great gift too - sorry to whoever missed out, you can blame my hips.

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