September 9, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Threading Vs Waxing Eyebrows

Eyes are the focal point of the face, making eyebrows extremely important to one's overall look. Women are constantly looking for the right shape but few consider the health factors that come with beauty maintenance. I prefer threading to waxing for the reasons to follow. 
What is threading? It's basically facial hair removal with the use of thread. Like the picture below, this old technique uses crossed cotton thread to pluck hair out of the follicle. Essentially one's hair is being plucked but it's much faster than tweezing one hair out at a time.

Photo from eHow
Threading Vs. Waxing:

  • Threading is more precise than waxing. Where waxing spreads a layer of wax on the skin and rips out the hairs covered, the person threading is able to choose which hairs to remove and which to leave. Threading also allows hairs in difficult to reach spots to be removed. 
  • Health benefits. Think about it, not only is one removing hair when waxing, but skin as well. The skin on and above the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Eventually wrinkles will form sooner than expected. 
  • Threading is all natural. Wax uses chemicals and burns the skin.
  • The top layers of the skin are not damaged when threading. 
  • Great alternative for those with sensitive skin or skin allergies.
  • Hurts less than waxing. I used to brace myself every time I would have my eyebrows waxed. Threading does still hurt a little bit, but I find it's not as bad and it's only when first having it done.
  • Recommended for acne sufferers as well as those using acne medications.
  • Hair grows back thinner and slower if done regularly.
  • Inexpensive alternative. I pay $8 where I go. 
  • Not just for eyebrows, can be done anywhere on the body.
Cons & Similarities to Waxing:
  • Of course, some might find it to be just as painful as waxing and it's not as quick as waxing. You can put ice on your eyebrows beforehand to numb the area. You can also ask for a small break if it's painful while it's being done.
  • Just as with waxing, your skin may be red for some time (usually some minutes). In my case my skin would stay red for a few hours after waxing whereas with threading it's stayed red for about 30 minutes tops.
  • Like with waxing, you want to be careful about where you get your eyebrows threaded. Look up online reviews before heading to the place. You want to make sure they use clean threads on every customer, take their time, and are not harsh. It is possible to hurt the skin while threading if it's done carelessly.
  • The hair tends to fall on your eyes, sometimes making eyes watery and uncomfortable if there is a lot of hair removed. With waxing the hair sticks to the strip.
I have heard two beliefs as to the origins of threading, while some say it is unknown as to where it originated, others say it was in India. It certainly is the most common practice in India. This is a practice that is starting to gain popularity here in the United States. Most cities should have a salon where threading is done. 
If you do not live somewhere near a threading salon or want to save on expenses, you can try threading your own eyebrows! Just as a warning though, it takes practice so be sure to do just that on an old towel or leg hairs.

Remember, next time you get your eyebrows done you'll want to consider trying threading. I mean, I'm just sayin'....

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