September 16, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Wearing Moccasin Boots

My friend Marissa tweeted me the following:

"@AmapolaStyle I definitely will. I think that would be a good post for you... How to wear moccasins. I have a regular pair of Minnetonkas that are so cute, but I'm not sure what I can wear the boots with. Bc I will buy them eventually! Another idea... nude heels."

So I'm answering her question! Anything with fringe can be tricky to wear. My advice is that whenever you have something special or really attention-grabbing that you want to wear, make sure that the eye is drawn to it and not all over the place. Simply put, everything else should be simple.
Marissa, I'm sure you're crazy about wearing your moccasin boots right away, but because they're boots and because this is Florida, wait till it gets a bit nippy to wear them. If you wear them with shorts, it doesn't have to be too cold. Jean shorts or skirts are great with them because the colors go nicely together and they both have a casual feel to them.
Because moccasins have that carefree vibe to them, try a flowy, maybe sheer top. Something loose would look cute and might help in not giving that "cowgirl" look when wearing moccasins. Oh, steer clear from the "cowgirl" look, it's cute for theme parties and Halloween but you want to show that you can wear a tricky piece without help from the cliché.

When it starts to get where you need a jacket outside, you can do pretty much the same look - just add leggings! They really do make for a great transition-between-seasons piece.

When it's cold, wear them above skinny or boot cut jeans as they are easier to deal with when tucking inside boots. You can wear a contrasting trench coat and really make those boots shine. It's my preference not to wear short jackets with them because the risk is run that you look kind of boxy. Moccasins already protrude somewhat. 

A good example by Mischa Barton (notice the leggings, length of the shirt, and the simplicity):

To quickly answer your question about nude heels, just remember that nude heels are meant to elongate the leg. You'll want to take advantage of that by showing some leg. Dancers do the same. Try to get a similar color to your skin tone. Don't wear pantyhose/leggings with them unless they're your skin tone. They also look great in bell-bottom jeans though.

Hope I answered your questions well! I mean, I'm just sayin'.... 


Marissa said...

Thank you so much for answering my questions! :) I am dying to get moccasin boots, and now when I do, I'll know how to wear them. To me, it seems like many of the people I have seen wearing them are wearing them incorrectly. I saw a girl on campus wearing them once with spandex exercise shorts and a t-shirt. I think she could benefit from reading your blog! As for the nude heels, I bought some last weekend and can't wait to wear them! :)

Rachel said...

Oi, yeah but obviously you know well enough without my telling you that!
Glad my post helped you out :) I'm never sure if I'm just overstating the obvious or not.
Have fun in your new shoes and don't be afraid to share what you wear!

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