September 8, 2011

Laboring Over White

Outfit Details
Top: Express ($10)
Shorts: BCBG ($24/$80)
Belt: (Came with a blouse) Abercombie & Fitch
Shoes: Bakers ($20)
Choker: American Eagle ($5/$12)
Ring: Icing ($2/$12)

Every year people make a fuss over whether it's appropriate to wear white after Labor Day. It's been repeatedly affirmed that it's just fine. Of course, like with everything, common sense should be employed. White pants, especially linen, can wait in the closet for next summer. I also would steer clear of blinding amounts of white. 

Although I admittedly wore this outfit before Labor Day, it was meant for this post (sort of. I'm not that great a planner). So you want to kind of do something similar to what I did. As we further progress into the fall, bring in more and more fall colors with the white. Here I used different tones of purple and silver. Of course, you can use other fall colors, there are so many that it's sometimes confusing when you hear a color like orange is used in the summer and fall, but stick to this rule: fall uses warm tones of most of the colors you'll see in the summer. Greens, yellows, oranges, reds, etc. 

If you're still apprehensive about wearing white after Labor Day, go for an off-white or cream color. Gossiping old ladies should stop bugging you then!

By the way, the last picture is from today, there's a preview of my new haircut.


Marissa said...

Thank you for answering a question that I think of every year! I feel that in Florida it's hard to work in fall clothes right after Labor Day because it's still so hot out.

Rachel said...

*Doin' a little dance* so glad my post could help you!

AndreaC said...

You should look up an article they have on the history behind wearing white after labor day. Its really interesting. The whole thing doesn't even relate to us as a culture anymore.

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