September 26, 2011

Punda Milia

Outfit Details
Cowl Back Tee: Sears/French Connection ($6/$17)
Tank top: Express
Jeans: Refuge from Charlotte Russe ($10)
Sandals: Bakers ($20)
Zebra Necklace: Some store in Miami

I'm sorry that you're seeing these sandals so much lately. I do have other sandals/flip-flops I wear to school, but these go with everything, the others are more colorful and fun. The jeans I'm wearing are Charlotte Russe's Refuge jeggings. I swear, jeggings are just jeans without front pockets, they're the only way I can wear skinny jeans, otherwise my tiny self can't fit into them. How do girls wear regular skinny jeans anyways? What did people do before jeggings came out? Not eat? Not an option for me.

Sorry I don't know anything else about the necklace, I got it about three years ago on a trip to Miami Beach at the Aventura Mall. The store was closing anyways but they had such fun accessories. This necklace actually came with matching earrings. Boys notice those earrings whenever I wear them for some reason, but I felt it was too matchy-matchy and wore another, simple pair of zebra print hoop earrings I have. Zebra lover much?!

I used a "nautical" style tank top underneath a breezy, fall-colored top to transition in from summer to fall. Though it's still hot you can  combine summer pieces with fall colors and pieces to save on money and still be seasonally appropriate.


Steve Finnell said...

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AndreaC said...

Beautiful darling!

Marissa said...

I love this outfit! So cute! I love that it works perfectly for the awkward "it doesn't feel like fall, but it isn't summer anymore" weather we are having right now.

Jessica L. said...

Love how you put that outfit together! Especially love the back of that top!- Jessica

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