September 28, 2011

Relaxed Sister

Outfit details
Tunic: Maje/Paris (hand-me-down from sister)
Jeans: Hudson (hand-me-down from sister)
  Earrings: Tarpon Springs (gift)
Sunglasses: Icing ($7/$14)

This is obviously a very simple and relaxed look. Thanks to my beautiful sister for providing the greater part of this outfit! I love wearing my sunglasses on my head like this. On a really sunny day you can switch from shielding your eyes to using them as a headband. I pulled only one side of my hair with them here, other times I don't pull my hair back and just stick them in my head. You'll see me walking around saying, "Where are my sunglasses?!" yet no one feels the need to point out where they are....

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I love a simple & relaxed look. And I'm a huge fan of those super chic sunglasses, SO cute... love that silver detail on them. Hope you're having a fantastic week. xo veronika

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