September 15, 2011

Review It: Miir Water Bottles

Since my elementary days, I have been adamant about Earth conservation. Being eco-minded, I decided to buy a reusable water bottle after a friend told me of the benefits. Not wanting to buy just any bottle (most of the good ones run at about $20), I took my time and came across Miir. Not only do they provide great, simple water bottles, one dollar of every purchase made is used to provide clean water for those without it for a full year. Check out their facebook page for more info.

My Rating: 4.5/5
Cost: $20 - $25
The cool thing about Miir is that their bottles are super customizable. You can choose what style of lid you want (I chose the wedge), what colors the lid and bottle will be, the size of the bottle (mine is 800ml), even the design of the skin which is free by SkinIt. The skin was my favorite part. I used the same painting I posted last time. Because you can upload your own image, your water bottle will never be mistaken for anyone else's. 

When drinking from it I find few problems. Spinning the top on and off is easy but it is tightly secured. Some people may not like that it doesn't have a sort of sipping hole or nozzle; I find having a top more sanitary so I'm fine with it. The bottle itself is super light weight so you're basically only having to worry about the weight of the water. It also keeps the water nice and cool.

My only regret is having gotten the 800ml sized bottle, the largest one. I only fill it up half way because I know otherwise it will probably be too heavy in my school bag. It's also rather huge to just carry around. Though it doesn't feel awkward even for a small girl like myself because it's easy to hold either by the top or the body, I would have been happier with the medium sized 600ml. Why did I get the largest one even though I don't need it? Sale Craze. See, I go crazy when things are cheap and Groupon had a Miir deal where both the 800ml and 600ml bottles were at the same price at $12. I thought I had to go for the better deal, but as soon as it was too late and my craze calmed down, I realized my mistake. The real down-side is that it takes up more room in my school bag. But it's ok! I love it anyways.

Shipping was great, you can tell the company is environmentally conscious because they only had two very thin and small papers included and an admittedly flimsy cardboard box just the size of the bottle. The cardboard box was slightly open when it arrived, but I value simplicity over exaggerated packaging. The skin came a few days later (as it is through a different company) in very secure and professional (yet simple!) packaging. The skin was easy to apply and it's not like once you stick it on it's stuck forever. The image also turned out great, just how I  edited it.

Giving it a 4.5 only because some people may not like that the packaging is not more secure and that the bottle and skin don't come together.

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Marissa said...

Your water bottle looks awesome! I love that you can personalize them with skins. They seem like they would be great Christmas gifts for many people on my list. Especially since they can be personalized! Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to check them out. :)

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