September 30, 2011

Side-Splitting Laughter

Outfit Details
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Belt: The Limited ($20/$35)
Shoes: Nine West
Clutch: Zara ($14)

While this was worn during the summer, neutral colors are great for the fall and it's still hot if going by Florida weather. This dress cannot be given a price because it is a bit special. Stick around within the next few weeks to find out why. Red belts are a great to have around, red goes with neutrals so it adds a pop of color.

So one night we went out to a comedy club (not Chili's) and had a great time eating food and laughing. Clifford always laughs easily while it can sometimes take me a while to really laugh. At the comedy club there was one comedian who claimed to be half Puerto Rican. So he gives a shout-out to his fellow Puerto Ricans, asking them to raise their hands. A good amount of people from several spots throughout the audience raise their hands and cheer. The comedian proceeds to give a shout-out to his Cuban neighbors, asking the same. Guess how many Cubans waved their hands up and yelled, "woo-hoo!!!" Yeah. Just me. If it hadn't been so dark people would have seen how red I must have turned. Clifford got a kick out of that one.


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

love the pops of red!

<3 steffy

Rachel said...


Marissa said...

Comedy clubs seem like so much fun! I have been wanting to check one out for awhile now. Like Steffy, I love the pops of red too! :)

Rachel said...

You should totally check some out. We went Side Splitters over next to the Chili's :)

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