October 5, 2011

Allergic to Paper

Outfit details
Dress: Charlotte Russe ($30)
Shoes: Clarks
Bracelet(choker): American Eagle ($5/$12)

I bought and wore this dress over the spring and summer when I went ga-ga over it. It has resulted to be very versatile. It is part three of four and I'm soooo excited to let you guys know what I mean. But I'll leave that for next week. Probably for Monday.

I wore this to my first day of tutoring last week and I'm enjoying being a tutor so far. I'm really just helping them out with their homework (any subject. Math haunts me yet again) and if they don't have anything I pull out my own work for them. My stuff is likely more demanding since I'm so used to making lessons for high schoolers. The kids I'm working with are middle schoolers by the way. The majority of them still look like little kids so it's adorable.

One of them keeps trying to get out of doing work by saying, "Oh, I'm allergic to paper." They're always bugging each other and trying to get you distracted. Too cute. I only see them once a week and I intern at a high school once a week as well.


Mary and Dyer said...

Love this dress! Totally thought that it was vintage before I saw it was from CR! It is gorgeous, thanks for sharing! xox

I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like.

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Rachel said...

Thanks a lot Kat! I love this dress too :) Thank you for the follow and letting me know about your super giveaway!

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