October 23, 2011

I'm Back

Outfit details
Top: American Eagle ($25/$30)
Vest: Wet Seal
Jeans: Refuge from Charlotte Russe ($10)
Shoes: Clarks
Earrings: Charlotte Russe (2 for $8)
Bracelet(choker): American Eagle ($5/$12)
Chihuahua Necklace: Gift from mom

Haven't purposefully been neglectful of the blog. I've lost internet connection at home as it tends to happen and will be without it for some time. Even now I'm updating while in the local bookstore. Look for more to come and last week's "I'm Just Sayin'..." to be this Friday. 

Vests are a great way to give a different vibe to any outfit. I once had an obsession with vests and bought a few different styles, but you really only need one that will go with pretty much everything like this black one. Forgot the price for this vest, but I got it especially cheap because it had two missing buttons. I removed the third, bought three others, and sewed them on. I ended up liking the three buttons I bought more!

Till next time, hopefully it's soon!


Manasa said...

adorable Rachel!! I need myself a pair of shoes like that :)

Rachel said...

Thanks a lot!

Marissa said...

This outfit is adorable! It looks perfect for going out or going to school. I think vests are so cute, but I'm not sure that they would really go with my body type. Hmm... might have to try some on next time I'm at the mall. I also love the pop of color you add with your shirt. And your accessories (especially the apple earrings) are awesome! :) As you can tell, I really like this outfit. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks so much Marissa! There are sooo many different types and styles of vests, I'm sure you'll find some you love! The earrings may still be in Charlotte Russe - I love them too, they're my "teacher earrings," hahah!

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