October 11, 2011


Outfit Details
Top: Forever 21 ($18)
Skirt: Express ($10/$60)
Shoes: Jeune & Jolie: par andre (gift from sister)
Belt: From Express top
Necklace: Chinatown, NY

Some may have already noticed I have an affiliate now! I recently discovered DealPulp and a bunch of great deals on fashion accessories along with it. Check them out!

So school has been killer lately and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. Whenever I intern, have a big presentation, or it's my first day at a job, I wear this jade necklace from my visit to Chinatown. I was told by a friend's father that the characters mean "lucky" so it has become my lucky charm. Hasn't failed me yet!

I love this top, it can be casual or elegant depending on what you wear with it and has super cute details. You'll probably see it around more often. It was already cinched at the waist but I feel it needs a thin belt. When you close a belt and it's still has plenty of length on it, don't leave it dangling on the side to bother your arm like I used to do. You can twist and wrap it around a bunch of different ways similar to what I did here.

Well, back to hitting the books! I have a midterm to study for and papers, papers, papers to write!

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