October 16, 2011

Review It: Neutrogena Sunblock

My Rating: 4.5/5
Cost: $10

This month has been heavy with schoolwork so please excuse the late review (normally on the 15 of the month). 

Ok, so you all must be thinking I'm an easy rater, but when I'm passionate about a product, I'm loyal to it. I gave this facial sunblock a 4.5/5 because I have been through a multitude of facial sunblocks. Other sunblocks have either left white streaks on my face that have been difficult to get rid of, have been greasy, or both. When I asked my dermatologist about it, without hesitation he immediately told me to use Neutrogena.

Encouraged by such a firm recommendation, I bought and have not looked back. My only complaint is that it still does leave white streaks but only if you don't blend it in well. If you blend it in well (can take practice to achieve) you shouldn't have this problem unless your face starts to sweat. Still, I've experienced worse with every facial sunblock I've tried. Facial sunblocks have to be made differently so they don't disrupt the more sensitive skin or damage the eyes. Perhaps that's why it seems to happen across the board. 

Neutrogena minimizes this problem though and has great advantages. It's not greasy. Looking through a regular store's beauty aisle, I could not find another facial sunblock that could stake the same claim. It's also easier to put on than most others I've tried. *Tip, don't rub it in too hard and use just a little more than you would expect in one area. Another plus, doesn't cause me breakouts. It's also a great primer for makeup. I've worn it with and without makeup and it hasn't failed me.

What you don't see. It has a high SPF, blocks both UVA and UVB rays (important!), any SPF will greatly aid in reducing wrinkles. Check out this "I'm Just Sayin'..." for more tips on fighting wrinkles. And yes, you still need SPF in autumn and winter - no matter how cold or cloudy it is outside! The sun's rays still penetrate and damage your skin.

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