November 7, 2011

Arithmetic Dresses

While math isn't my forte, when it comes to fashion and shopping, I can calculate things right down to the penny. No sale is a match for me - so long as I have some sort of calculator handy. I'm sure many of us can stand up to percentages and dollar signs, but instead of money, can you do basic math with a dress?

My outfit details
Leather jacket: Lulu & Veronica - via Nordstrom (gift from sister)
Top dress: Charlotte Russe ($30)
Bottom dress: American Eagle ($20)
Leather boots: Aerosoles ($80/$100)
Clutch: Zara ($14)

Andrea's outfit details
American Eagle

When I bought this crocheted dress from Charlotte Russe I loved it for what it was, now I love it for what it can become. It holds a bottom slip that can be removed and worn on its own like I did here. Or you can toss the slip aside for a bit and wear this lacy dress with another dress to give it a pop of life. My pink American Eagle dress happened to "slip" perfectly into the dress - haha! No pun intended! Ok, that pun was totally intended.

Try re-visioning your clothes, especially dresses. Dresses are super versatile, not just handy one-pieces for when you don't know what to wear. With this lace dress I can slip a dress of any color underneath to give it a pop of life. Two girls working in two different stores complimented me on my dress, but they had no idea it was actually two dresses!

Andrea and I have been friends since the 6th grade and she's always had a love for American Eagle. Here she is decked out from head to toe in the brand! Pastel colors, like the pink cardigan she's wearing are really in this fall so don't be afraid to incorporate some spring clothes in your fall outfits! We're both wearing pink here but it was pure coincidence! That and pink is Andrea's favorite color and a color I've been wearing a lot this fall for some reason.

Hope you've all enjoyed this post!!



Love the dress lovely!

Rachel said...

Thanks lovely! :D

Marissa said...

Love both of the outfits. I must say, I love Andrea too! :) You ladies look fab!

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