November 6, 2011

Guest Post Opportunity and More

So lately there haven't been any updates. I mean, we're in the sixth day of November and still there are no updates for this month! Many apologies. If I could get a volunteer to write all of my papers for me (A+ quality, please) then I would guarantee an update every day. Guaranteed! 

No volunteers? Come on, 17+ papers in one month really isn't that bad.... *SIGH* I see how it is. Well, I feel bad for you all despite my heavy workload so I've prepared a surprise (and long overdue) post for tomorrow. It'll be fantastic! It'll be AMAZING! People from all over the world will rave over the ingenuity! IT SIMPLY CANNOT BE MISSED!

Hyperbole is the only way to get anyone's attention nowadays. Please be sure to check out Ohh Lulu in the meantime, a lovely blog that is displaying an ad for Amapola Style for some time.

Maybe no one wants to volunteer for writing papers, but in all seriousness, would any fellow bloggers be interested in guest posting for the month of November? Your posts don't have to be about fashion (food and recipes would be great *hinthint*). I would accept up to two posts per person and probably up to two or four different people, depending on how many ask. E-mail me at with the subject "Guest Post" for details and questions.

For my foreign friends, I hope you'll take advantage of the new translator located on the left. You can pick from loads of languages, go ahead and play around with it. You see?! I'm always looking out for my viewers even when there aren't "updates."

Toodle-loo everyone, still have papers to get back to.

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