November 23, 2011

Pumpkin Pie!

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone! Today my friend Huong and I baked four pumpkin pies and six mini, teeny-tiny pumpkin pies! Two big ones for her, two big ones for me. And because we made them at my house, we ate two of the mini ones each and I kept the rest. Pumpkin pie is my favorite. Gluttonous pleasures.

I'm excited for the relaxing holiday tomorrow, it should be a blast! Hopefully we'll be putting up the Christmas tree soon too! I know everyone has been saying they can't believe how soon the holidays have rolled around, but I honestly couldn't wait and couldn't be more thankful for them! This semester has been tough!

Thought I'd put together a fun little survey so you all could get to know me a bit better. Got the survey from Miss Mommy.
I am weird because:

I make sound effects when I drive
My arms are double-jointed and bend strangely-either impressing or freaking people out
My family has chickens as pets - organic eggs!
I talk to my chickens and pet them everyday
I always sleep on the left side of the bed or the side farthest away from the door

I am a bad friend because:

I sometimes think I've responded to a message or text but I've only thought about what I would say without actually doing it
I think about calling a friend but don't think to actually do it. Yeah...
Apparently I'm not honest about when I don't like something and try to be nice but it comes out mean
I get mean when I'm angry or sleepy and so I snap at people

I am a good friend because:

I help my friends as much as I can
I am thoughtful 
I'll let my friends try on my shoes. Maybe. If we're the same size. Sometimes.
I make paintings, drawings, and knit gifts for friends (so long as the inspiration lasts)

I am sad because:

I miss my Tripi
I have doubts about whether I'll be able to be a good teacher
I can't see my niece, nephew, and sister everyday
Of the violence in the world
I worry over silly things

I am  happy because:
I have caring friends and family
My family, friends, and I are healthy
I've had fun interning and tutoring this semester
The earth is beautiful
Life is beautiful

I am excited for:

Getting my bachelor's degree in less than a year!
My sister, niece, and nephew to visit for the holidays!
Christmas - and a month's break!
The new year
Seeing my friends

If you do a post like this I would love it if you linked it up in the comments section so I can read it :)

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