November 15, 2011

Review It: iPhone Cell Phone Charm Plug

Whenever shopping for a new cell phone, I look for one major deciding factor first - is there a cell phone charm hole-thingie-majiger? I wish I were kidding. Recently, though, I was handed down an iPhone and for a while was deciding on whether to keep it despite its lack of a cell phone charm hole-thingie-majiger. Most popular cell phone in the world (assumption is assumed) and no cell phone charm hole-thingie-majiger.

For those of us who are lovers of the cute and stand up for all that is cute, it can be frustrating to own an iPhone or other cell phone without a little hole to loop a charm through. Fear no more! For Seoul, South Korea can solve all your cell phone charm obstacles! I came across this "Earphone Dock Plug Protector Cap" on eBay and instantly ordered it. Best of both worlds at last.

My Rating: 5/5
Cost: $3 (including shipping!)

This product is genius and I hope its inventors are rich. Not only does it allow you to finally transform your iPhone from drab to fab, it does a myriad of other stuff! The cap also protects your audio jack from dust or other particles that may fall in, dirty, and ruin it. It's also super helpful to have cell phone charms to help identify your phone from others at only a moment's glance.

Some may complain that while your cell phone charm cap is in, headsets or headphone must be out. While true, it's just as simple to remove the cap and place in a pocket, purse, bra, what have you, until you're done with the headphones. People have to deal with storing and inserting the headphones in their iPhones as well after-all. I stick to my rating of a perfect score because the cap manufacturer is only improving a fault on the phone.

This cap means business. I often grab my phone out of my pocket or purse by the charms and nothing else - as seen above. The cap does not fall out or even budge. Smartphones and Androids are heavy too! Gotta hand it to the little cap. Of course, the cap has come out by accident, but only when wedged between something. Still, when you do want to remove it, it does come out easily. I have no muscles worth speaking of, so if I can do it, you can do it.

While there are other caps like this on eBay and possibly some other stores, I am reviewing this particular one because it's the one I bought. I chose this one because it came with just one cap (all I wanted) and it was the cheapest with shipping included that I found at the time. The item itself has not let me down, I received it within about a week (all the way from South Korea!), and the packaging was perfect! For the super low price and dual functionality, I deem this an extremely worthy buy.

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