December 30, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Be an Inspiration

I know, I know, I've been completely out of commission and have left everyone in the dark. Thankfully though, you've lived through it. My New Year's outfit and celebratory news will be updated as soon as it's over and I've recovered. For now, let's get to something you can do as a sort of New Year's Resolution. Admittedly, I rarely fashion any formal resolutions, but throughout every year I consistently resolve to be a kinder, more uplifting person.

No better way to uplift others than to send them a personal, hand-written letter simply saying, "You're awesome." Last month I came across More Love Letters, a blog dedicated to motivating people online to participating by writing "love" letters to people feeling down in the dumps. It may take a while to understand the entire concept, but please visit the site. Here is a short letter I wrote for a random person to find. I think I'll be leaving it somewhere today - if you happen to live where I do and find it, please let me know! That would be amazing! And no, I will not be telling you what city I live in, I don't want everyone in the world to flock here for my autograph!

Click photo to enlarge
Participating in the "Twelve Days of Love Letter Writing" is another rewarding and beautiful experience. A connection is made between the writer and recipient as each letter is formed. Technology often gets in the way of revealing emotions and care. When handwritten, words tell much more, one can see the care that was taken to make words neat, what kind of person the writer is by the uniqueness of their writing, and so forth. 

So, for the new year, I challenge you to turn around a stranger's day by leaving an inspirational letter behind somewhere public. Let's resolve to make the world a little bit more chipper - writer to writer, reader to reader. 

I mean, I'm just sayin'....

December 15, 2011

Where's Frosty?

Outfit details
Top: Express (gift from mom)
Skirt: Express ($20/$60)
Leggings: American Eagle
Shoes: Sofft
Purse: Tre Vero (gift from mom)
Headband: Claire's
Necklace: Forever 21
Armor ring: Charlotte Russe ($0/$6)

Florida is still waiting for winter as the cold briefly flirts with it and abruptly leaves. In the meantime, I'm trying my best to transition from fall to winter myself. Though I'm color-blocking here, it's not the only way to incorporate colors of both seasons. A light blue (winter) with darker brown (fall) would go nicely together. If your environment is stuck between seasons like Florida is, you may feel unsure about which season to incorporate in your wardrobe, but reflecting surroundings is what is most important. Of course, we're experiencing highs in the 80's and lows in the 60's (this isn't normal - I swear!), but hopefully by Christmas it'll be chilly all day and I can wear a jacket for once this December!

An early Christmas present I gave myself was the armor ring I'm wearing - isn't it gorgeous?! I've been wanting an armor ring long before it got popular. Let me tell you, this always happens. I crave rain boots (zebra print specifically), next year they're the hottest thing. Look for armor rings everywhere, next year they're everywhere. Still don't have rain boots though. I keep buying other boots or shoes instead saying, "Oh, it's not raining today, let's just ignore the fact there have been record rainfalls this year, you know."

Oh, that pretty little armor ring I got for free because Charlotte Russe had an amazing deal going on for some days in which jewelry six dollars and under was free with any purchase. I happened to be there for their happy hour - all boots for $15. These great deals that are over now, but if you want to try out an armor ring but don't want to spend big bucks, I would recommend Charlotte Russe. I don't think I'll be worrying about any hinges coming loose, but I'll keep everyone posted in case one of the rings does break. While this was a recent purchase, unfortunately I don't see any hinged armor rings on their website anymore.

Is everyone ready for the holidays? Are you already celebrating in some way or do you have any unique holiday traditions? Please be safe and mindful of others when out shopping this season! I know it's not purposeful, but sometimes in the mad rush of things people can forget to be courteous.

December 10, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Buying Children's Clothes for Yourself

Shhh.... no one noticed there wasn't an "I'm Just Sayin'..." post yesterday. I was testing you guys. During the winter holidays it can be difficult to shop for yourself - especially with the daunting prices on winter coats and shoes. Still, if you are lucky (and sometimes just small) enough, you can get away with buying the same products for less.

Many stores like Abercrombie & Fitch or J. Crew have a children's clothing line you may be able to squeeze into for a reduced price. Many times the clothes are exact or extremely similar copies of their adult counter-parts. A sweater in the adult store may be $80 while a similar one could be $60 at the kids' store. I previously wore a top from abercrombie kids here!
The same goes for shoes. Recently I was looking for a pair of boots from Justice (previously Limited Too). While some of the shoes can be a bit too dazzled for my taste, I did find a pair of boots I liked at a great price and I had a 40% off coupon with me. Unfortunately they were sold out at every store near me - oh, I called over five stores. Sometimes department stores will have exact copies of the shoes in the kids section for less. Ask the sales associates.

  • Your "size" may not be available.
  • The cut may not be flattering to your figure (it can also be great for it).
  • You may end up looking like a child. Watch out for what you get.
  • It's really necessary to try on what you buy from kids stores.
  • Even if you're usually an extra small, you may end up being a large or extra large. Don't worry about the size so much as the fit.
  • Stay away from online shopping for clothes.
    • If you're sure the shoe size will fit, online shopping should be ok. Kids' shoes are usually more comfortable too.
      • Don't buy kids' heels. They look like kids' heels. Go for sandals, sneakers, boots.
  • Kids' accessories (especially for the hair) are super cute for us young adults!
  • Try to stay away from graphic tees. T-shirts in general can be a tough fit when meant for kids.
    • Tank tops, camisoles, jackets, and sweaters seem to work best.
    • DO NOT buy kids' pants for yourself. Pants are serious things when it comes to the cut. If you're really feeling lucky though, try them on! Don't take my word too seriously.
    • Watch out for tops with a marking (sewn line) under the breasts. Usually the room they give is too small. The line will either be over the breasts or there will be too much cleavage.
Hope this post helped you to let yourself be a kid again! I mean, I'm just sayin'....

December 1, 2011

Coconuts and Pomegranates

My outfit details
Top: Miss Chievous at Macy's (super old)
Cardigan: Anthropologie (gift from sister)
Tweed Skirt: The Limited ($18/$60)
Belt: The Limited ($15/$25)
Shoes:  France Arno (Gift from sister)
Feathered Headband: Icing ($8/$14)
Clutch Wallet: Zara ($14) 

The lack of posts have been noted. Not a day has passed in which I have not wished I were blogging instead of writing papers and crazily going to and fro with school work. Wednesday I managed to get a terribly vicious paper cut. Normally paper cuts don't bleed, there's just a stinging red line, this one bled! And wouldn't stop for a while! All from handling over 18 essays I was handing in (yeah, to one class) - those essays clearly have my writer's attitude deeply embedded in them.

Well, after today I should have a lot of free time. So much that I've decided to participate in the The World Needs More Love Letters 12 days of love letter writing! It's basically strangers writing strangers motivational letters to brighten their day. The 12 day event happens every month. Here hundreds of volunteers write love letters to one person (nominated by a friend) who especially needs a pick-me-up. I'll try to do both and keep everyone updated!

Now on to the outfit. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, it was my birthday in mid November, well, the day before I got a wonderful surprise delivered to my house - gifts from my sister! She got me this adorable (and warm!) lace cardigan from Anthropologie, one of her favorite stores. It's a great little piece that really packs a punch in keeping me warm, making it easy to wear small cute tops in cooler weather. I loved my gifts from Anthropologie so much that even the boxes they came in made me happy - they were so nicely presented I was going "Ohhh, wooooooowww," before even opening them. Thank you sister!

The tweed skirt was an awesome buy from The Limited. It was on sale for $30 and there was a store-wide sale of 40% off everything including sales. Result? An awesome price just my size. Without the belt it can be worn lower, at the hips, which is what I did for my internship the other week. In other words, it's a versatile skirt that can be professional or cutesy depending on how you wear it.

"I love your shoes," was the statement of day when I wore these, another gift from my beautiful sister. She spoils me. I don't know what I do to make her love me so much, but she does and I love her more than words can say. Well, everywhere I walked I was randomly complimented on my shoes. The best part? They're actually really comfortable. The feminized oxford heels are really in now. They're a great pair of shoes to have to give your outfit a bit of attitude or for some professionalism. 

Hope you enjoyed the long post after a slight post drought!
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