December 1, 2011

Coconuts and Pomegranates

My outfit details
Top: Miss Chievous at Macy's (super old)
Cardigan: Anthropologie (gift from sister)
Tweed Skirt: The Limited ($18/$60)
Belt: The Limited ($15/$25)
Shoes:  France Arno (Gift from sister)
Feathered Headband: Icing ($8/$14)
Clutch Wallet: Zara ($14) 

The lack of posts have been noted. Not a day has passed in which I have not wished I were blogging instead of writing papers and crazily going to and fro with school work. Wednesday I managed to get a terribly vicious paper cut. Normally paper cuts don't bleed, there's just a stinging red line, this one bled! And wouldn't stop for a while! All from handling over 18 essays I was handing in (yeah, to one class) - those essays clearly have my writer's attitude deeply embedded in them.

Well, after today I should have a lot of free time. So much that I've decided to participate in the The World Needs More Love Letters 12 days of love letter writing! It's basically strangers writing strangers motivational letters to brighten their day. The 12 day event happens every month. Here hundreds of volunteers write love letters to one person (nominated by a friend) who especially needs a pick-me-up. I'll try to do both and keep everyone updated!

Now on to the outfit. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, it was my birthday in mid November, well, the day before I got a wonderful surprise delivered to my house - gifts from my sister! She got me this adorable (and warm!) lace cardigan from Anthropologie, one of her favorite stores. It's a great little piece that really packs a punch in keeping me warm, making it easy to wear small cute tops in cooler weather. I loved my gifts from Anthropologie so much that even the boxes they came in made me happy - they were so nicely presented I was going "Ohhh, wooooooowww," before even opening them. Thank you sister!

The tweed skirt was an awesome buy from The Limited. It was on sale for $30 and there was a store-wide sale of 40% off everything including sales. Result? An awesome price just my size. Without the belt it can be worn lower, at the hips, which is what I did for my internship the other week. In other words, it's a versatile skirt that can be professional or cutesy depending on how you wear it.

"I love your shoes," was the statement of day when I wore these, another gift from my beautiful sister. She spoils me. I don't know what I do to make her love me so much, but she does and I love her more than words can say. Well, everywhere I walked I was randomly complimented on my shoes. The best part? They're actually really comfortable. The feminized oxford heels are really in now. They're a great pair of shoes to have to give your outfit a bit of attitude or for some professionalism. 

Hope you enjoyed the long post after a slight post drought!


Megan said...

Those shoes are BEAUTIFUL!

Rachel said...

Aw, thank you! And yeah, I'm in love with them.

Erin said...

just found your blog through the link up at the wiegand's and im your newest follower! you live in florida? have never been but always wanted to go! also, love that skirt!


Sarah Stright said...

I think I need those shoes!! I'm a new follower :) I'd love if you could stop by my blog sometime and say hi, and follow back if you're interested.

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