December 30, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Be an Inspiration

I know, I know, I've been completely out of commission and have left everyone in the dark. Thankfully though, you've lived through it. My New Year's outfit and celebratory news will be updated as soon as it's over and I've recovered. For now, let's get to something you can do as a sort of New Year's Resolution. Admittedly, I rarely fashion any formal resolutions, but throughout every year I consistently resolve to be a kinder, more uplifting person.

No better way to uplift others than to send them a personal, hand-written letter simply saying, "You're awesome." Last month I came across More Love Letters, a blog dedicated to motivating people online to participating by writing "love" letters to people feeling down in the dumps. It may take a while to understand the entire concept, but please visit the site. Here is a short letter I wrote for a random person to find. I think I'll be leaving it somewhere today - if you happen to live where I do and find it, please let me know! That would be amazing! And no, I will not be telling you what city I live in, I don't want everyone in the world to flock here for my autograph!

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Participating in the "Twelve Days of Love Letter Writing" is another rewarding and beautiful experience. A connection is made between the writer and recipient as each letter is formed. Technology often gets in the way of revealing emotions and care. When handwritten, words tell much more, one can see the care that was taken to make words neat, what kind of person the writer is by the uniqueness of their writing, and so forth. 

So, for the new year, I challenge you to turn around a stranger's day by leaving an inspirational letter behind somewhere public. Let's resolve to make the world a little bit more chipper - writer to writer, reader to reader. 

I mean, I'm just sayin'....

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Marissa said...

Wow. This is a beautiful idea! Everyone needs a reminder that they are wonderful, and I think that this is an excellent way to do that. I will definitely check out the More Love Letters website. Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

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