December 10, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'... Buying Children's Clothes for Yourself

Shhh.... no one noticed there wasn't an "I'm Just Sayin'..." post yesterday. I was testing you guys. During the winter holidays it can be difficult to shop for yourself - especially with the daunting prices on winter coats and shoes. Still, if you are lucky (and sometimes just small) enough, you can get away with buying the same products for less.

Many stores like Abercrombie & Fitch or J. Crew have a children's clothing line you may be able to squeeze into for a reduced price. Many times the clothes are exact or extremely similar copies of their adult counter-parts. A sweater in the adult store may be $80 while a similar one could be $60 at the kids' store. I previously wore a top from abercrombie kids here!
The same goes for shoes. Recently I was looking for a pair of boots from Justice (previously Limited Too). While some of the shoes can be a bit too dazzled for my taste, I did find a pair of boots I liked at a great price and I had a 40% off coupon with me. Unfortunately they were sold out at every store near me - oh, I called over five stores. Sometimes department stores will have exact copies of the shoes in the kids section for less. Ask the sales associates.

  • Your "size" may not be available.
  • The cut may not be flattering to your figure (it can also be great for it).
  • You may end up looking like a child. Watch out for what you get.
  • It's really necessary to try on what you buy from kids stores.
  • Even if you're usually an extra small, you may end up being a large or extra large. Don't worry about the size so much as the fit.
  • Stay away from online shopping for clothes.
    • If you're sure the shoe size will fit, online shopping should be ok. Kids' shoes are usually more comfortable too.
      • Don't buy kids' heels. They look like kids' heels. Go for sandals, sneakers, boots.
  • Kids' accessories (especially for the hair) are super cute for us young adults!
  • Try to stay away from graphic tees. T-shirts in general can be a tough fit when meant for kids.
    • Tank tops, camisoles, jackets, and sweaters seem to work best.
    • DO NOT buy kids' pants for yourself. Pants are serious things when it comes to the cut. If you're really feeling lucky though, try them on! Don't take my word too seriously.
    • Watch out for tops with a marking (sewn line) under the breasts. Usually the room they give is too small. The line will either be over the breasts or there will be too much cleavage.
Hope this post helped you to let yourself be a kid again! I mean, I'm just sayin'....

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2Gitanas said...

I wish i could find those deals! jaja
I would love to invite u to my blog and participate on my first giveaway!!

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