January 1, 2012

2012: Starting Off With Sparks

Happy New Year! Hoping all of your new year celebrations were spent beautifully and safely!

 My outfit details
Cardigan: Express (gift)
Dress: Forever XXI ($20)
Shoes: Antonio Melani
Envelope Clutch: BCBGeneration (gift)

Let me tell you, Apple Bites are good. Anyone else a lover of sour apple candy as a child? Well, the drink has that wonderful sour apple taste without the sugary, sticky candy mess. That was my lone drink of the night. Natalie, Andrea, and I went out and saw fireworks up close - it was my first time seeing fireworks like that while welcoming the new year. 

New Year's traditions like watching fireworks are exciting, but in Cuba traditions are a little different. We go through what others may see as a plethora of rituals for the sake of good luck. When the clock strikes twelve we give everyone around us a kiss on the cheek. Right after this, as we're wishing everyone "un feliz año nuevo," we clank and drink from our champagne glasses while trying to stuff 12 grapes in our mouths. Each grape brings good luck for each month of the new year. Women typically wear red underwear inside-out. Don't ask me why...or whether I did this. From one's home, water is thrown out from a bucket onto the street. Lots of cleaning is done in Cuba, and I think this is done to wash out any bad luck. Resolutions are very traditional in The United States, do you have any other traditions?

Here are some of our New Year's Resolutions:
Natalie: To be patient
Andrea: Read one book a month
Rachel (that's me): To have more fun with life

Please share some of your resolutions if you made any. Typically, as I mentioned in the last post, I don't make concrete resolutions. Abstraction seems to work out better around busy schedules and daily life. Do you make resolutions? I'd love to hear some success stories, even some not-so-successful stories.

2012, for me, means interning as a full-time English teacher, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Secondary English Education, studying and applying for graduate school. As always, a part of this list is to improve myself.

Two minutes before the clock struck twelve, Natalie and I rushed outside to countdown and watch the fireworks. In the rush I forgot my camera but had my phone handy. Here are the pictures for some extra enjoyment:

As always, I wish everyone health, safety, felicity, and most of all peace. May every morning find you smiling and stretching with the yearning for the day to start. May each nightfall leave you feeling with gratification for the day's experience, wealth, and opportunities. 
Happy 2012 everyone.


Marissa said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's Eve! The outfits are all beautiful. I try to make a couple resolutions every year, but this year I tried to make mine a little more realistic, and not so specific (I wrote a post on my blog about all of mine). Thank you for sharing the New Year's traditions in Cuba! I love traditions and learning about the traditions of others.

Happy New Year! :)

Rachel said...

Just saw your post, those were great resolutions! Nothing crazy or too lazy :)
I'm glad you liked this post, the traditions thing was a last minute thought so I'm glad I included it!

Happy New Year to you too!

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