January 7, 2012

Eating Cuban

Outfit details
Dress: Frenchi from Nordstrom
Top: Express
Sweater: Bebe
Boots: Aerosoles

Sure it looks like a skirt, but what I'm wearing is actually a thin dress more appropriate for spring nights underneath a warm turtleneck. This old little trick will help expand your outfit options while saving you some money - instantly you have a new skirt!

A feminine sweater like this seems to work best with a dress or skirt. I've tried it with pants and while it looks alright, it's simply more fluid when it matches its counterparts.

By the way, right now is the time to buy winter clothes. Already stores are scrambling to ditch the coats collecting dust with grand sales to shower the customers' eyes with beautiful spring styles. Oh, and orange will be the color of the spring season this year. Depending on its own tone, the color orange will not disgrace anyone's skin tone. Halloween orange seems to work well with my skin tone.

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