About Me

Name: Rachel
Age: 22
Occupation: Student, English and Spanish Tutor
Country of Origin: Cuba
Current Location: Florida
Favorite Color: Reds, greens
Random interests: Drawing, painting, reading, writing, debates, knitting, making funny faces, obsessing over chihuahuas, being lazy, remembering to workout, running, eating, complaining about being hungry

Hello all! I am a senior in a university here in Florida majoring in Secondary English Education, meaning I would like to be an English teacher someday. Before that I would like to get my Masters in reading education. Knowing this you can expect to see some reflections of my interests - academic and occupational - in this blog along with the casual, everyday me.

"Amapola" means poppy in Spanish. Poppies are one of my favorite wildflowers for their strong, vibrant red. Supported by a thin stem, the petals of the poppy are likewise delicate but are proud, bold, and passionate. I hope to express the poppy's feminine and brilliant features in my style through this blog. 

My stats (for reference)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lb
Shoe size: 7 (US), 38
Ring size for index and heart: 6 and 5.5 respectively

My mom will read this and boast that when she was my age her ring size was 4.5 and she weighed more than I do. Fat fingers, what can I do?
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